Audio Data Summit
Sunday 26th March 2023

Everything you & your station, podcast, audio product need to know about Audio Data

Everything you & your station, podcast, audio product need to know about Audio Data

Data is the blood that runs through the veins of the internet. Yet, data so much more than the measuring of success – though it is that, too. As a radio station, podcast or audio company: What do you really need to know about data? How can you maximise the impact they have on listeners, branding, and revenue in a data-driven environment? What trends, innovations, new companies and best cases are there to be learned from? And where will the hottest AI developments like ChatCPT etc. lead us? Get inspired, get smarter, get going with lots of learnings and many an insight about the “new gold in media” – in this great Summit on Sunday to hear sessions on: We will rock you data, Everything around measurement, What’s data got to do with it – making excellent content with data, We built this city on data and rock ‘n’ roll – using data in audio work, Money for nothing, and data for free – enhancing monetisation through data.

Speaking at Radiodays Europe Audio Data Summit are:

Sharon Taylor, Triton Digital, Australia Adam Javurek, Czech Radio, Czech Republic, Morna Macauley, UK Roger Hoffmann, FFH, UK, Anna Soisalo, Ustvo, Ukraine, Benjamin Biering, Podimo, Denmark, Kim Ohlsson, Swedish Radio, Sweden, Marianne Bouchart, HEI-DA, France, James Cridland, Radio Futurologist, UK, Estelle Conacq, Assistant Director, FranceInfo, Radio France, France, Moderator: Martin Liss

Audio Data Summit – Sunday @Radidoays Europe Prague 2023

Book as part of the RDE experience as part of your ticket booking or on a Sunday Summit only ticket: 75EUR + Czech VAT per Summit

In this 4 hour intensive deep-dive for audio beginners and advanced data cracks alike we will really dig into it:

– Data is great but what data exactly should you look at?
– How should you interpret that data, so you avoid misunderstandings with unpleasant consequences?
– Experts will showcase how data has already been used to create audio that excites and fascinates the listeners from anew.
– Go ahead and take away lots of inspiration how you might use data in your everyday work.
– What’s there to be learned from other industries? How do non-audio people look at data, and how do they work with data hands-on when creating new offerings.
– How to use data to help with today’s requirements for media organizations: Fake news, local stations, multimedia production,
podcast creation, etc.
– How to make money with data, as a radio station. We show you things can you do starting tomorrow which will quite possibly increase
your revenue.
– How to become a data-driven organization: If you want, and maybe you should, then you can change your company or organization
considerably, but thinking “data first”.
– How will recent AI developments like ChatGBT influence the way we make and / or consume audio.

The Audio Data Summit consists of four blocks:
1. We will rock you data: everything around measurement.
Measuring is more tricky than you think. Which data do you want, and what does it actually say? How to separate good data from bad, when developing your podcast content and music schedule. Hear from experts in podcast data and music streaming data, on how to make sure you use date the right way in order to better develop your content.  Sharon Taylor, Omni, Adam Javůrek, Czech Radio and Morna McAulay talk about how to measure success, what success in radio and podcasting is and how to interpret data. 

2. What’s data got to do with it: making excellent content with data
Three cases on successful data driven innovation from inside and outside the audio industry. FFH radio, Creator / backstage.  From data to content / IT business.  Creative vs. analysis phase.  How to improve content by AI / the Podimo case.  We hear from Roger Hoffmann (FFH), non-audio viewpoint from Anna Soisalo, Ustvo and Benjamin Biering.

3. We built this city on data and rock ‘n’ roll: using data in audio work

Three specific hands-on cases using data constructively: Debunking fake news with the help of AI; Constructive use of Radio Analyser; 
The AI-driven Newsroom.  We hear from Estelle CognacqDeputy Head of FranceInfo, Kim Ohlsson, Swedish Radio and Marianne BouchartHEI-DA

4. Money for nothing, and data for free: enhancing monetization through data
The ultimate masterclass on how to better monetize your audio-content using data.  Radio Futurologist James Cridland tells us how data drives revenue and hands-on steps and what-to-do-for-dummies.

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Audio Data Summit

Date: Sunday 26th March 2023

Venue: Prague Congress Centre 

Session start time: 12.30 – 16.30 (Registration opens at 9.00)